How minimalist thinking changed my life

Being the product of consumerism America I had a natural understanding that more means better through out my life. My husband and I with our two dogs reside in a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with a fully finished basement. Each room has a purpose we have two separate spare bedrooms an office and... Continue Reading →

10 FRUGAL activities to do this Fall…

Hello everyone! It is the first of September and that means (to me at least) ITS FALL!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather but I am so excited for the crisp Colorado air and the changing of leaves. We are continuing the fall September series today with a little fun. Don't forget if you... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone fall is among us and I thought what better timing then now to do a savings challenge. Fall is my very favorite season and is the beginning of the end of the year, and with Christmas right around the corner saving a couple hundred bucks is just what everyone needs. I will be... Continue Reading →

My top frugal living tips…

This is a post that I have been super excited to write about, because who doesn't love talking about money. I have always enjoyed making and saving money and Dylan and I have been able to live a very comfortable lifestyle without the stress of living pay check to pay check. Now there is a... Continue Reading →

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