Importance of shopping small

Hello everyone! Whelp I was super consistent for like a week with posting on time lol but life am I right? Life has been hectic crazy and I haven't gotten around to whippin up the next few batches of blogs so now in the midst of laundry, baby shower, and finishing Christmas shopping you will... Continue Reading →

Giving back

Hello to all beautiful people I hope I didn't completely throw you all of with my last blog but the night I wrote that was a hard night and all the baby emotions hit me all at once. I've been doing really well with trying to keep my composure and not getting so blue when... Continue Reading →

Value over Price

Hey guys and welcome back to another blogmas post! You may or may not be able to find a certain theme to these posts but this year Dylan and I chose to be more thoughtful and intentional with all of our gifts for our family. At one point Dylan and I were considering foregoing gifts... Continue Reading →

Saving for Giftmas

Hello and happy Holidays! I hope everyone's week was fantastic and my last blog is really getting you all geared up for this series I know I am pumped! So lets dive into what I think will be one of the more popular topics of this series and that is all about saving up for... Continue Reading →

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