Importance of shopping small

Hello everyone! Whelp I was super consistent for like a week with posting on time lol but life am I right? Life has been hectic crazy and I haven’t gotten around to whippin up the next few batches of blogs so now in the midst of laundry, baby shower, and finishing Christmas shopping you will be able to find my butt on the couch typing away because I got plenty to say! 

Shopping small is such a new concept, there used to be nothing more than mom and pop shops that lines the main street of each little town. They were it, they were the life line to these towns. There was no internet, or driving 30 minutes to a big box store where you could find anything from baby gear to buying a new set of tires for. It was family ran businesses and the work ethic of strong determined men and women that outfitted our communities with the things needed/ wanted. Then there was the shift, everyone left their home towns to go to school and pursue a big wig corporate job leaving legacies and towns to fall to the mercy of chain retailers. I myself am a small business owner and I feel the pressures of large corporate companies every day. It wasn’t until I was full immersed in it that I realized the true importance of shopping small. I mean yeah its so convenient to sit at home and scroll through amazon looking for all things A- Z but what your missing is the human interaction and the warmth of walking into a small boutique in your home town and knowing you helped that family out.

I may just be partial but I love walking into local boutiques and finding the odds and ends the quirky items. Those are me, I live in eastern Colorado and my husband and I every once in a while head up the mountain to see what’s happening. My favorite is walking into the little mountain shops and finding the weird, unique, strange, loving, and quirky items floor to ceiling because you can tell the time love and care put into the window displays and carefully curated vignettes. Each piece is picked out individually by a person because it helps tell a story, or fills a need for the community.  When you shop small you aren’t just buying through a merchant consumer transaction, no you are helping that family save for a child’s education, paying off debt, saving for the future, and your supporting a dream. You are validating the decision of a lifetime, your telling that person it was the right choice for them to leave comfortable to follow their dreams and become their own boss. That within itself is worth the few extra dollars, because today we don’t have enough dreamers, we are a society filled with people who are okay with working in the comfort and safety of mundane. Dylan and I made the conscious effort this year to buy small, handmade, homemade, because its the support of dreamers that we believe in. So this season shop small, because your not just paying for a cute graphic tee, or a CC beanie with a pom pom, your helping a dreamer live their dream. 



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