Giving back

Hello to all beautiful people I hope I didn’t completely throw you all of with my last blog but the night I wrote that was a hard night and all the baby emotions hit me all at once. I’ve been doing really well with trying to keep my composure and not getting so blue when it comes to thinking babies but with the holidays coming up its really getting hard to push away the hurt, and sadness that goes hand in hand with infertility and celebration. So thank you all so much for the love and I hope it was able to find at least one future momma get through this rough patch. We love you! Now lets get into the blog, Tis the season for giving right? A couple weeks ago at church our pastor explained that statistically people are a little bit more lenient, caring, and forgiving through out the holiday season. No body is really sure why or what changes but holidays come around and people are a little less ready to bite your head off at the intersection or throw you that side eye for the yoga pants and muck boots you wore to the grocery store. It’s the season of giving, and Dylan and I have taken full advantage of this magical time since we got married. Every year around this time there are tons of different radiothons either trying to raise money or gifts for families in need, families with sick kiddos, and although I’m married to a 6’4 macho man he’s a big softy when it comes to helping children who may be in less than favorable conditions. Even when we were freshly married barely making any money and living comfortably in our teeny tine 800 sqft. apartment in a not so nice part of town we would still save enough money to participate in the Christmas Crusade. The Christmas Crusades is a non profit that helps low income struggling families during the Christmas season give gifts to their kiddos. The first year completely threw me off when my husband came home from work and hung a random chicken scratch note on the fridge. On it was a little boys ID number with his age clothes sizes and a few of his favorite things. Every year we budget $100 for our crusade kid. We like to follow the something you wear, want, read, and learn protocol when it comes to our gifts. Every year we make sure that our kiddo has a new jacket, shoes, an outfit and some type of toy, book or learning activity. We alternate every year age and gender of our kiddos and It’s crazy to think we have been doing this now 4 Christmas’s. When all your gifts are bought, we take our gifts to the drop off and their families pick the gifts up and are able to wrap and presents to their kiddos. Because no child should go through a Christmas with out a gift because of lack of funds. Now I am not telling you have to go out and drop money you may not have this holiday season, but what I am saying is give back. If you are blessed to be comfortable and give to your friends and family reach a little beyond and help another family in need. Here is a list of other ways you can serve your community this holiday season. 

  • Host a coat drive
  • Stock up and donate coffee, tea, and other hot beverages for your local shelter
  • Hand out hand warmers, chap stick, hats, and gloves to homeless, or shelters
  • Go through your home and donate gently, or unused goods to your local resource center
  • Volunteer at your local VA, nursing home, hospital, shelter, animal shelter
  • Donate your unused blankets and towels to Animal shelters, help with shavings, or food 
  • adopt a family or a cause 

Giving back doesn’t have to be some grand gesture or in tale you spending huge amounts of money. Its the thought that counts. You giving back in hopes that one day that person when able will give back in return it creates a beautiful cycle of community. I know personally the more I am blessed with the more I am wanting to give back to those around me. Love your community create the kinship that has been lost over years of introverts, and the high tide of differing opinions. Enjoy each other strictly as people living in the same community. Don’t forget Karmas a Bitch and I always play it safe on her good side.



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