Value over Price

Hey guys and welcome back to another blogmas post! You may or may not be able to find a certain theme to these posts but this year Dylan and I chose to be more thoughtful and intentional with all of our gifts for our family. At one point Dylan and I were considering foregoing gifts this year but I live for the gift giving season and had everyone’s gifts bought and paid for before Thanksgiving. Although I did use Amazon to purchase the majority of my gifts I took the time sat down for an hour or so and wrote up a list of ideas for all the gifts I was going to get and what was important to each individual and what would mean the world to them. This not only saved me time but it also saved quite a bit of money because I was in the market for one thing and one thing only for each person so I didn’t spend hours scrolling the internet and wasn’t distracted by a million other things. One of my fav youtubers and fellow frugal momma Jordan Page and her husband did an entire YouTube video on Value V. Price when it comes to gift giving. In their video they shared that through out the year they attend multiple events and receive goody bags, and gifts from companies that they collab with. Some of these gifts they have zero use for and later go on and explain that a lot of times they will gift these items to friends and family that would find value. I feel like for some reason the thought of putting a specific monetary value on gifts has overtaken the genuine thought and pure spirit out of gift giving. My husband is a prime example, each year we set a budget for each other and through out the month or so of shopping he continuously will get caught up with the number of presents under the tree or try to ask me how much of my budget I have spent. But for me value over rules price. I ordered a gift for my mom today that is everything I was looking for in the beginning and more! It incorporates a couple of her favorite things and spoiler mom if your reading but the AHH HA gift for my mom cost less than $20. I was just so over spending a minimum amount on a gift that I didn’t enjoy giving and I knew the person receiving it wouldn’t get the full use out of it. The true definition of value is the worth, importance or usefulness of something. This season I challenge anyone who reads this to switch their thought process from a thought process that places monetary VALUE over the true VALUE of a gift, when you switch over to the mindset of thoughtful, loving, authentic, and genuine gift giving it opens not only your heart, but also your mind to the people and love for the people important in your lives. Its way easier for me to buy significant valuable gifts for the family and friends that mean the most to me and add genuine energy back into my life. So this year don’t forget to take the role of the perfect gift giver and think value not price. 



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