Welcome to Blogmas

Hi guys! I’ve missed you all so very much, life has been insane and I have really struggled with putting together a new systemic flow to my day to incorporate all things I love.

Back in February I started my own little business by partnering with a natural based, vegan, and cruelty free hair care company to help with a little extra spending money and it has taken off. I am coming up on my one year anniversary and I have received my first promotion as well as a paid weekend (airfare and hotel) for me to hang with my team and if Dylan’s lucky ill bring him along too! Its been a total blessing and I have gained so much from this opportunity but one with all I have gained I have also lost the time and mind space for me to sit down and write out my blogs. It took a while for me to realize what exactly I was missing. Then out of no where recently I had a some one reach out and say how bummed they were I had let go of my blogging, I laughed and said I have no time for blogging with all that is going on but the thing is, I just don’t make the time for blogging anymore.

So tis the season and so I thought BLOGMAS would be the perfect intro back into the blogging thing. So this is the beginning of a series committed to all things Christmas. I will cover everything from frugal shopping, and budgeting to how I buy for my friends and family, the importance of shopping small, and my go to fashion, products, traditions, decorating favorites and more! I will try my hardest to have a new blog up every other day, so sit back relax and enjoy the series!





PS. If you have any topics ideas pertaining to Blogmas or ideas for future series id love the help! One of the top things I struggle with is cultivating genuine content. Love you all and thanks so much for following along.

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