Zone Cleaning.

Hello everyone I’m so glad you here! I know I promised some regular posts but let’s just be frank shit happens and life has been crazy. I started working full time as a nanny again and trying to regroup and relearn how to adult once again has been kinda rough on me. I know I’m just so pathetic but after taking a 12 week vacation from working I had become accustomed to being a house cat. So readjusting to being a working homemaker and figuring out how cleaning the house and getting dinner done fits into me working again has been a challenge. I also want to place a disclaimer I do only work 3 days a week so I do have 4 day weekends. So with that being said Zone Cleaning has become my best friend. If you aren’t familiar with Zone Cleaning I’ll break it down for ya! Zone Cleaning in a nut shell is you make a schedule to clean “zones” of your home each day to break up the cleaning load. Here is my little tip for you take an hour and sit down and really analyze your week, by this I mean write down your busy nights, lazy nights, and the nights you may have a little extra time. Then break your house into zones, the way I broke my house down was I started at one end of my house and worked my way to the other side. So here is a little look at my “zones” Zone 1- master bedroom and bathroomZone 2- living room dining roomZone 3- kitchen and entry way Zone 4- spare bedroom and bathroomZone 5 – stairs, fans, windows The way I work it is that I do Zones 1-4 every week Monday through Thursday and then Zone 5 is like an “alternate” zone. Zone 5 is my bonus zone, like if I feel like a bad ass bitch for the day and I could conquer the world those are the days I do zone 5. The zone Cleaning was really introduced to me by a fellow blogger she is a stay at home momma with two little babes and keeps an immaculate house. What really turned me on to the zone Cleaning is it allows me to enjoy my days off with Dylan because we don’t have to spend 1 whole day of our weekend to cleaning the house. The other up side is if you stay committed to cleaning each spot once a week it doesn’t really have time to get that dirty! Another clean home tip is to take 10-15 minutes each night or day to just de clutter or even better start implementing the “one touch” rule. This one changed my life (still trying to get Dylan to follow), it should only take one touch to get something from being used to its rightful home. So like when you come home and take your jacket off instead of throwing it on the counter take the extra step to hang it up in the closet. It saves time and keeps the house picked up on the daily. I might just be crazy but clutter in my home makes me super anxious, like I want to come home and relax boy have to stare at all the shit laying all over the house! So go home and try the zones for a week I promise it will be a game changer! Also head over to social media to check out my Q&A that I am doing Monday. It’s a free for all! All the questions you have for me on life, work, school, marriage, BABIES, cancer , cows anything lets get it all out there! XOXOCaitlyn.

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