Giving Thanks

Good morning everyone I am so GLAD you are here!!! I know that I am a couple days late on this post but life has been pretty frickin exciting in the Engelsman household! We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off since a couple weeks before thanksgiving and have barely slowed down since. So this is a check in post yes I know PROJECT COMEBACK should be main priority but I have some readers that I have not touched base with since day 1 so lets get into it!

So a couple weeks ago we had what we thought was Dylan’s last oncology appointment (if your new go check out this blog post to catch up to speed) his labs came back great, he has been feeling the best he has felt in a year, and we all thought we were going to walk in that appointment fist bump Dr. Lam and walk out like we just won the lottery. Well much to our surprise that was not the case at all, his PET scan came back and our Doc read it as a positive reading which meant that the 12 weeks of chemo that we thought sapped all the nasty bitch ass cancer did not work all the way. QUE doctor freak out, if you are well associated with surprise diagnosis and dealing with doctors you will be picturing the face of our little oncology doctor when she had to look at my husband and tell him sorry bud we didn’t get it all and oh by the way, I can no longer help you because I did all that I could do so you need to fly to INDIANAPOLIS to get a second opinion. Yeah IndiaFRICKENapolis, and get this his doctors name is Lawrence Einhorn! If you have ever seen Ace Ventura or obsessed with it like my husband (like he can quote the entire movie) you can only imagine the swallowing of snickers and the look on his mothers face when we were told his name was Einhorn. Anyways side tracked for a second his appointment was on a Tuesday and so I called the following Thursday to make an appointment in Indianapolis when I finally got ahold of the doctors office they informed me that they had already scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday!!!

CUE FUCKING MAYHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I had his mother to help me and within 3 hours we had booked hotels, flights, and we were flying to beautiful Indiana that following Monday and coming home ONE day before Thanksgiving, a little known fact is that my fat ass fucking LOVES THANKSGIVING! Like give me all the turkey and mashed potatoes in the world! So when I called Dylan to let him know of our quick travel his first comment was “sorry babe my cancer fucked your Thanksgiving” like I married a fucking saint! Here he is thinking he possibly could be dying because he still has cancer and he is concerned because my Thanksgiving might be impeded.snapseed So we made it to Indiana in almost one piece (turbulence is the DEVIL) and we had a solid 24 hours in Indiana before his doctors appointment and Dylan, both his parents, and myself could barely do anything but try not to vomit thinking about his appointment, so in short we didn’t get to do very touristy things because there was big shit on the line. We get to his doctors appointment and this little man that is like 75 years old walks in to the clinical room shakes all of our hands and introduces himself and in the same breath says…..

“So your CURED but lets move to a bigger room so we can be more comfortable”

And he fucking walks out the room like hey guys I’m gonna rock your world real quick hope you are prepped! We weren’t, my poor husband thought that literally since chemo didn’t get rid of it that that was it, at 22 years old he thought he was preparing to be told he was dying and in 5 seconds our entire worlds were changed. As quickly as our world was rocked on July 14th at 4:30 pm. when we were told they found a mass November 21st at 3:30 he was in remission. We were defiantly thankful this Thanksgiving! Oh and we made it back in time to have a very happy and filling Thanksgiving.

He is cured but we still have a long road to out of this whole cancer thing. For the next 5 years he will have regular surveillance to ensure that the cancer does not come back. We are so thankful for all of our family and friends, all the love, thoughts, and prayers through this journey. I am so humbled by the love that we have received from people all over. I’m also so thankful to all the people all over who have been following along on the blog and keeping up with our crazy lives. Don’t forget to like the posts, follow the blog, and find me on social media!

PS…. Here is a little curl update for my CURL REHABimg_1868



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