Curly hair REHAB

Good morning everyone I am so glad that you are here! It is almost December and that means that new years resolutions are right around the corner. So i decided to fill you guys in on a little project I have now been working on for about a week. I have started this before and failed to stay consistent but I have found so much love and inspiration on social media that has really got me going. So drum roll please, I have decided that I am on CURL REHAB! Yes if you read my last blog   or if you have known me since I was little I was born with the most beautiful little ringlet curls. As I got older and my hair got longer this meant frizz, and all the other little girls at school had soft silky hair and I had long frizzy totally damaged looking hair. It was not until recently that I realized the blessing of my beautiful full, bouncy curls. For years I tried to fight them and I would heat style, dye my hair and really try anything to make my hair look silky smooth like the magazines. I really didn’t know how to care for my curly hair when I was younger. I would brush my hair wet, didn’t use product, never deep conditioned, slicked my hair back in THE tightest ponytail you could imagine , and worse of all I heat treated my hair from a very young age. I think I was about 15 the first time my Aunt Karen finally showed me how she cared for her curly hair, it was crazy the difference in my hair! I would air dry my hair in efforts to get curls or brush it right out of the shower which now I know is very counter productive. She taught me how to style my curls and use a diffuser, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of my curly hair. THEY LOVED IT! But it didn’t last long and I was back to heat treating my hair and dying it every couple of months.

So here it is I have put myself on a NO HEAT 30 day challenge.That means absolutely no direct heat styling such as straightening, or curling. I will cheat a little because some days I need my diffuser in order to get some volume on the top of my head, because we all know that I love me some BIG hair.

The picture on the left is day 1, straight out of the  shower and my hair is still wet, the picture on the right is day 3 hair right after it took me 30 minutes to “refresh” my curls. So every week I will be posting progress photos over on social media to not only show my progress but to also keep me committed. So here are some of my favorite tips and tricks i have found to regrouping my curls.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner- I have been doing a ton of research and I never really fully understood the importance of this step. Silicone and Sulfate washes are like the anti-Christ when it comes to frizz free, defined curls. It strips your hair of the natural oils and creates a  “shield” around your hair that does not allow moisture into the hair shaft. Anyone with curly hair knows that moisture is key. I switched to a sulfate/silicon free, natural shampoo and conditioner.
  2. So far it has worked like crazy making my hair soft, shiny, clean, and smelling fantastic. I am wanting to do a full review on the product line but I am wanting to give it some time to really work its magic.  The best thing about this product line is it is sold pretty much virtually anywhere i have looked. I bought mine at our local King Soopers for I think less than $30.00 for the pair.
  3. Showering- this one may scare some people so i am going to prelude this with yes i still shower every other day, but I don’t wash my hair. Washing your curly hair often strips the oil prematurely and can lead to actually drying out your hair, and scalp. This is a HUGE no no when it comes to curly hair, curls are so prone to dryness and you have to protect your little baby strands if they are going to grow and flourish. So i wash my hair once maybe two times a week.  I have pretty short hair so when I shower I just pull up in a scrunchy all the long pieces around my face and leave my “kitchen” (the very bottom back of my hair) down because they are to tight and short to fit in a pony. While showering i have found that the steam really helps revitalize my curls and when i wash my hair, it feels so much softer and taken care of now that I don’t wash it every single DAMN day.
  4. Sleeping- before i started really researching how to grow out your curls i never really thought much of sleep when it came to my hair. But oh boy the NUMERO UNO tip women with curly hair will tell you is to invest in a silk pillow case and or to wrap your hair up in a silk scarf. Aint nobody got time for that so i took my “silk” robe i bought from target a long time ago and i now just wrap and tie that baby around my pillow #curlyhairhack.  The backing to the silk wraps of pillow case is that it allows your curls to slide around and not get caught up and frizzy by rolling around on your cotton pillow case. If you notice wen you lay down on your cotton pillow case your face/hair does not slide across it very easily, so by implementing a silk pillow case you are killing two bird with one stone, non frizzy hair and your helping to achieve #MILF life by protecting your beautiful face skin while you sleep. Also i always slept with my hair down, but now like in the shower i just place all my little hairs on the top of my head with a scrunchy.
  5. Hair products- everything from hair ties, oils, and creams i have changed it all. It is defiantly a little nostalgic carrying around a scrunchy on my wrist but having a big and soft hair tie versus a small black elastic that pulls and tears your hair is beneficial not only for curly hair but all hair types. the pressure you put on the middle of your hair strands when you use a tight elastic can break down the hair shaft and lead to high breakage. So I went out and bought a thing of plain cloth scrunchies and cloth hair ties. Because my hair can become quite unruly. Curly hair products i recently picked up is the Shea moisture curl smoothie.cream This product is so thick and smells delicious, it coats your hair without making it oily and i have been using small amounts to rejuvinate my second and third day hair.  I also for a long time have been a fan of using just plain coconut oil on my hair, it has helped keep my ends moisturized and it doesn’t put a lot of weight on my strands like argon or olive oil does.
  6. Nutrition- at this point you guys should be pretty use to me throwing some nutrition wisdom at you. This is HUGE in better hair, skin, and nails. Making sure you get plenty of water, fats, and low glycemic carbs like veggies and fruit with help stabilize hormones which helps in the production of healthy hair, skin, and nails. What your body looks like is a huge reflection of what you put into it. Tender love and care, good food, good products, and time. Time is a huge aspect that for most like me is something hard to get over. Patience is truly a virtue, you have to wait it out and give it time to flourish, Rome was not built over night.

So there it is my lovelies don’t forget to like your favorite posts, subscribe to the blog so you receive notifications of new content, and don’t forget to watch social media for my progress pictures throughout my 30 day no heat challenge.



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