Self Care

Hello my lovelies I am so glad you are back and holding in there on this journey of ours. I have a confession to make, my project comeback has been a little derailed lately. I have lost all my self control to STRESS! I know all people are different and when my stress levels hit peak I run straight for the kitchen, it really doesn’t matter what it is I am just hungry and I don’t care about anything else. Stress has been a little thick lately, if you have been reading along since the beginning you all know that my husband Dylan was diagnosed with cancer in July and we have been on this journey together but even though we have been hand in hand through this it has defiantly been a task within itself. Stress and stress eating has led to me to gaining back almost all my weight and overall I feel like dog shit. So moral of the story is I fell off the wagon but I am picking myself up again and getting down to the nitty gritty. Well enough with all the chitter chatter you are all here to read on self care! This is something that within the last year I have tried extremely hard to work a steady routine in that helps me care for ME. Self care is oh so very important for women, especially women who live crazy hectic lives, women with children, women with husbands, women in school, EVERY WOMEN needs a self care routine. Self care routines don’t need to be lavish or an all day affair a simple hot bath with essential oils a glass of wine (or a beer) and 30 minutes is all it takes. Just 30 minutes for you to shut out the world and to really call into your own body, thoughts, and feelings will make a world of a difference. To those who have children and are thinking to yourselves yeah right I can barely pee on my own let alone spend 30 minutes to myself, MAKE IT WORK! One of my favorite quotes that I have found is

“Keep your cup full because you can’t pour from and empty cup”

This being said you cant keep giving to others if you don’t give to yourself first. So take the time to replenish yourself, your family will appreciate it. There are a ton of different ideas all over Pinterest. Here are a few of my favorite. I have been on quite the journey in finding what works for me. With my project comeback I have decided to invest a little bit more time and effort into my beauty routine and finding time in my day for myself. Recently I have decided to rehab my hair, if you have known me since I was small I had very curly hair and after years of heat styling, hair styling and straight up just sabotaging my hair I have fried my poor curls. So I have been researching and this morning I went to the store and bought myself some new hair products that hopefully will bring back my curls. So on top of rehabbing my curls I enjoy more hot tea, longer showers. I make sure my butt is in bed on time so that I am refreshed and ready to go when I wake up early in the morning. It doesn’t matter what you do or how long but taking time to just relax and be present with yourself. Self care is not selfish, you have to be a strong well cared for machine in order to continue carrying on. Not taking care of yourself creates a ticking, yes when you don’t take time to decompress from your constant running around you can literally make yourself sick. Take the time to care or yourself. Your family will thank you for it. So that wraps it up don’t forget to like your favorite posts, follow the blog so you are notified when there is new content and don’t forget to check out all my social media to keep up with us!



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