Top tips to drinking more water

Hello my lovely readers and welcome back to PROJECT COMEBACK! I am so glad that you are back and I am super excited to share with you guys my top tips in getting your hydration on.  Drinking more water is something that I have been trying to implement more while taking on project comeback. I can only assume that every person had parents like mine and that they were raised with knowing the importance of proper hydration, I mean I think I was like 5 before I even had soda it was all juice and water. When I was little water was crucial for me because from a very young age I have always been susceptible to horrible headaches. If I didn’t stay up on my water I would be miserable like bawling in pain miserable.  Dylan had made references in the past that I am like having a little kid because I have to carry my drink around with me and I cant get over heated. And no that is not me being a princess, my body does not do well in the heat AT ALL!!! Also I have to throw it out there every time I have lost substantial amounts of weight one of the consistent factors is my water intake, I have done so much research and why we have to fight so hard to drink enough water.  Its not like this is new information we are made up of what 70% water so why is it so hard to comprehend the true IMPORTANCE of water and proper hydration. Here are a few of benefits to drinking more water;

  • relieves fatigue
  • fills your belly to keep you fuller longer
  • helps keep skin clear and supple
  • helps keep joints lubricated and moving smoothly
  • helps skin and hair grow
  • helps keep you regular
  • regulates body temperature
  • flush out toxins
  • helps keep you awake
  • boost your immune system

Now to the hard part, I get it I too use to hate drinking water. Its just WATER there is no flavor, no fizz, no FUN and it can sometimes become gross to drink like have you ever tried to drink a bunch of water and after a while you almost feel like gagging just thinking about taking another sip. It was not until I made it my priority to drink more water and find ways to make it enjoyable. So lets get into it!

Get a fun water bottle and carry it around EVERYWHERE

If you carry around a water bottle it makes it super simple to keep it full and drink it all day. This has been a life saver on multiple occasions, it a simple reminder to drink your water and if you are anything like me I am the type of person that if I have a drink in front of me especially with a straw I will sit there all day and drink mindlessly.

Add lemon and or lime

This is my favorite way to add some flavor to my water with out adding any sugar. Plus adding lemon to your water helps detoxify your body! Double whammy

Try adding your favorite tea bags 

I know some will be a little wierded out by thinking of cold tea but it is my favorite way to drink my water. I carry around a yeti cup that does both hot and cold liquids, right away in the morning I make a great big cup of hot tea that wakes me up and get my day going and then after that I keep my tea bag and drink cold water for the rest of the day. I prefer mint tea in the morning so it just tastes like mint infused water.

Alrighty everyone I know its short and sweet but its simple and to the point. Be a mermaid and drink your water. I hope you all have been enjoying the project comeback and the little tid bits i have been sharing. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and like your favorite posts!






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