Affirmations that free my soul

Hello everyone I am so glad that you are back, and I would just like to point out that there may or may not be a new rhythm to my writing. That’s right I have finally decided that time permitting I will be publishing TWICE a week yes TWO different posts each week. That to me is super exciting, I will be posting some type of content based off my project come back post on Tuesdays and Thursdays at around 8 am. So now you know to watch out for new content!I have spent quite a bit of time creating an arsenal of affirmations, and good vibe quotes that help lift me up when I am down and fill my little heart, mind and soul full of good inspiring thoughts and LOVE! So if you are interested in more affirmations and looking for inspo for your own arsenal don’t forget to head over to my Affirmation Pinterest board! So lets get into it.

So growing up I remember my mom having random sticky notes with little saying place all over the house, this memory made no sense and there was really no backing behind the little yellow and pink sticky notes until I learned myself how powerful affirmations are. In my favorite book by Christiane Northrup she in depth explains the ever evolving research about how mind, body, soul connection is the main backing to almost all physical and emotional ailments. Before I read this book thoroughly I thought that mind body connection was a bunch of horse shit and people got sick because of germs, bacteria, and bad luck. The germs and bacteria backing was all based off the fact that I had done most of my secondary education focusing on becoming a nurse and the bulk of my school class load were scientific classes. Very rarely would you find even a smidgen of evidence putting any importance to the correlation between a persons state of mind and their physical well being.  Now even though I believe in the mind body soul connection I only believe to an extent. I still don’t have the explanation or the knowledge as to why my husband at the fetal stage, while still forming,  would have enough mind power to create or manifest cancer that would then only begin to rear its ugly head at 22. So when I explain that I believe in mind body connection it is because of my own personal growth that I have to thank these kind sayings for. Here we go, here are my favorite affirmations that i keep close to every day.

I guess the Lord has something pretty spectacular in store for us. ❤️ • • •

remember when yesterday you prayed - Buscar con Google


Free Printable Birth Affirmation 1


Everyday Affirmations: Affirmations for Fertility and Conception Pinned by ZenSocialKarma


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So there we have these are some of my top little happy reminders that help keep my mind sane and keep me focused on my future goals.

Future goals= BABIES

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