Project comeback

Hello everyone I am so glad that you are here! I apologize for my absence and I am really going to try hard to create a schedule so that I can be a little more reliable with my writing! I just want to thank everyone who has subscribed to my blog and all the people who keep following me on social media. I also want to thank all my friends and family for putting my butt back into gear with all the awesome comments and love about my writing. So with a fresh reboot to the blog I thought what i better time than now to let you guys come along with me on my

PROJECT COME BACK.  I am so excited for this because for the past 12 weeks I have been devoting all of me to my lovely husband keeping him comfortable. So it is safe to say that I have let myself go just a smidge, it’s hard to say but I have gained back almost all my weight I lost, my hair is not happy right now, I have been fighting off what I think is a cold trying to rear its ugly head  for like 2 weeks now and my complexion is bad. I worked so hard and had developed such a good lifestyle change that then really helped me cope with all of the stress of my life that came to in July, but the hustle and stress of life got to me and myself was not my top priority. So with that being said here is what i am wanting to focus on for the next 6 months.


  1. FOOD

This is a for sure numero uno, because not only do I physically feel like crap.I have a very important beach wedding in May that this bod needs to be Punta Cana ready for. I felt so much better physically and mentally when my diet was on point. If I’m keeping it real right now I didn’t work out the entire time i was losing weight it was strictly diet. I emotionally felt better too, I was in kinda like a high in my life, i was overall feeling my best, and looking my best. In one of my favorite books there was a study that showed when you feel good and your cortisol levels are low you will automatically lose more weight even if you aren’t eating the best. It is kind of like the fight or flight response if you are stressed your body naturally clings to food to help fuel your body in case you have to flee or fight. Think about when you are on vacation drinks are usually flowing and the food usually never stops, and you rarely gain weight even though you are eating more than usual. It is because your body is relaxed and enjoying it self allowing your belly to digest easier. So with this I will be sure to keep you guys filled in on my yummy food, and of course progress pictures because I live for those things. I was never one to really believe that diet could solely change your physique, i had the mindset that you could always work out a bad diet and trust me you can’t you just gain weight.


  1. MIND

This one is new for me, I was raised with the foundation of mind body soul connection but it was not until I set out to search and find it for myself that I realized how important the mind body soul connection really is. Your mind is powerful and when you can learn how to hown in on the ability to tap into that connection there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish. I have already began this a little bit with trying to get back into touch with my body. I have found that affirmations work wonders for me, and i have done the research and have found that there has been multiple studies done that show that daily affirmations of fertility have helped boost the conception rate in couples that are having a hard time conceiving either naturally or with scientific help. Which was not only a huge surprise but also was comforting to learn before beginning our journey to our little punkin.  Because the stress of trying to conceive without result i know is tough and mentally is exhausting for both partners, so i am focusing on my mental fertility health by affirming that i am able to conceive and carry the most amazing miracle God gives to this green earth


This is one portion of my project come back that i am a little anxious about. I have slowly really been focusing on keeping and nourishing relationships that mean the most to me, and while doing this i have found that the problem with most of my relationships is not my friends or family but it’s me. What i mean by this is that i found that with family and friend relationships i tend not to establish defined boundaries that help keep each person accountable and sane. I have slowly been working on saying no more and enjoying the things that i do say yes to. In the book that i am currently reading it has an entire chapter on over extending yourself to fulfill the feeling of obligation. When you feel obligated to someone saying no is almost impossible. In the chapter it explains that unless the answer isn’t an immediate yes, then it’s a no. When you can’t say no you over extend yourself which leads to stress which for me leads to overeating and if you have notice we are now full circle.


So here is a little bit of an outline of what my blog may look like for the next 6 months. Lots of food, soul searching, and happiness. Thank you all again for reading the blog and don’t forget to like any of your favorite posts to help me keep the good content a flowing, follow the email list so that you get notifications on all the new blog posts. Also don’t forget to hit me up on all my social media.




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