Favorite fall PALEO comfort foods

Hello everyone! We are back at it once again and I am super excited about this addition to our September Series. The one thing I struggled with while being paleo was the cravings for the comfort foods that you had growing up, and even though it was a struggle, once you get the hang of the clean eating principle it is SO EASY to transform those naughty delicious meals into food that feels and tastes good. I hope all of you that are taking part in the September Savings Challenge are chugging along! Also don’t forget to go and follow me on InstagramPinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin. Don’t forget to follow the blog and like your favorite posts so I know which ones you enjoy the most! So a little background I married my husband when I was 19 and prior to our marriage he ate like the epitome of the all American diet. He grew up on pasta and potatoes and his mother is a phenomenal cook, this woman needs to write her own cook book, but back to the story, my husband is a meat and potatoes McDonalds, and taco bell kind of guy. There was very little healthy eating when we first got married and in return me being the little Holly homemaker I cooked just anything my husband would eat. So therefore in the first year of our marriage I think we both gained about 20lbs each, and that was due to our steady diet of pasta, shrimp and grits, stove top turkey stuffing and taco bell. When I began my paleo journey Dylan was extremely nervous about the transformation of his meals. So I had to choose very carefully which meals I made at home for dinners, so Pinterest became my best friend and I was constantly searching for “home style” cooking so here are a few of our favorite meals. Hope you guys find some inspiration and don’t forget to leave a comment on what recipe was you favorite!




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