10 FRUGAL activities to do this Fall…

Hello everyone! It is the first of September and that means (to me at least) ITS FALL!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the nice weather but I am so excited for the crisp Colorado air and the changing of leaves. We are continuing the fall September series today with a little fun. Don’t forget if you haven’t already to go check out my September Savings Challenge to join in the fun and save a little moolah before the holiday season. Don’t forget to go and find me on social media Pinterest , Twitter ,Bloglovin and Instagram to keep up with us and don’t forget to subscribe and like your favorite posts so I know what to keep writing about.

  1. Go Exploring: hiking, nature walk, for a drive get out and enjoy the crisp air and colorful leaves
  2. DIY your own Fall décor
  3. Go to a Pumpkin patch or harvest festival
  4. Make a batch of cookies or maybe a peach pie (YUM)
  5. Visit your local farmers market
  6. Create a go to fall meal using in season ingredients, maybe from the farmers market!
  7. Make a hot cup of ; tea, coffee, cocoa and enjoy it outside
  8. Enjoy a day in with your partner, or kiddos
  9. Make a big pot of your favorite chili or soup
  10. Bake fresh homemade bread

Hope you all enjoyed and let me know if you take on any of these fun Fall filled activities. I also wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for following along on our little journey! Don’t forget to look forward to the rest of the September series!!!



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