Lazy weekend at home…


Don’t worry I didn’t already fall off the blog wagon, I was taking full advantage of the weekend. This was the first weekend in a really long time that my hunky hubby was up and at ’em, so we took full advantage of our empty home and beautiful days to enjoy each other. It has been a hectic last couple months with hospital visits, neutropenia, in-laws in town, and trying to get this whole cancer thing down. By the way we are OFFICIALLY HALF WAY DONE WITH CHEMO!!!!! I’m not sure you were able to sense my overjoy and excitement but we are 2 down 2 to go on the whole chemo thing. And even though it has been a learning curve I would like to say that my husband has been a rock star through this whole thing. MoochieSo in celebration of half way theredom we decided to pamper our bellies a little bit and tried our ( Dylan did all the work ha) hand at home made smoked ribs and let me tell you these pictures do not do these babies any justice. We have a treager smoker (best investment EVER!)  and Dyl has always wanted to do ribs so what baby wants baby gets! So we followed the 3-2-1 recipe in the treager cookbook and slow smoked them for 6 hours. Treager ribsWith lots of TLC, apple juice, and BBQ sauce he crafted what I thought was the best set of ribs I have ever experienced. I am not a huge rib gal and before Dyl got into the whole smoking meat thing I was not a huge barbeque fan. These ribs are quite high maintenance with all the basting and wrapping and saucing so on our down time waiting for these little babies to get done we watched a little Netflix, I fed my sourdough starter (stay tuned for the yummy recipe), worked on some blog ideas and hung out. It was a super chill weekend where we did nothing but enjoy each other. I also threw together a super yummy rustic tart for dessert. For any of you who know what Palisade peaches are you know my excitement when I say my wonderful mother gave me and Dylan a box of peaches and I have been chomping at the bit to make a super sweet yummy treat with those babies. On top of wanting to use them peaches I have an adorable set of mini casserole dishes that I knew would cook these tarts the best. peach tartI made a super simple shortbread crust, mixed up a sweet sour cream filling, and toped it off with peaches that I soaked in apple juice with oranges (BOMB). To me ribs and peaches for some reason just seem like they go together, and Oh Boy did they! By the time we were done with our ribs and dessert I felt like I was going to explode! I had to indulge in an ACV honey tea before bed because my tummy was not happy. We woke up Sunday morning I made some bread and we were blessed with a friend surprising us with coming over and mowing our lawn, the little gestures have meant the most to us during this journey. While the feel good vibes were on blast Dyl decided enough of the house and we made an impromptu date day where my hunky hubby not only took me to Target teebut he also took me to Old Navy (swoon) he is the best and I snagged this  super adorable tee for only $3 at Target I mean where can you go wrong! On the topic of Super Exciting News I am really excited to let all who are reading that I will be doing a Fall series the month of September and your not going to want to miss it! Look forward to hearing from you all and stay tuned for the month of September!



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