How PCOS has changed my life for the better.

If you have recently been diagnosed or if you have PCOS you may have just looked at this title and scoffed. The struggle of having poly cystic ovarian syndrome is multifaceted, and since being diagnosed over a year ago it has really changed my life for the better. I continuously had problems growing up, I have always been bigger built, had crazy dry fizzy hair, crazy hormones and once I “became a women” it all just got worse. I remember being 13 or 14 years old visiting my pediatrician and doing labs and thyroid check ups because I was a healthy kid always running around and my parents didn’t always feed me junk but I continuously had a gut. Of course being the age I was having that little extra fluff was not acceptable to fit in. Even in high school after I met my husband I continued to have problems with being regular and whan I was about 17 I experienced my very first ovarian cyst rupture and I thought I was dying! After that I met with my gyno and low and behold one of my ovaries was covered in cysts so you would think they would start treating me then WRONG, it wasnt until I was 19 that I followed up with the same doctors with more symptoms that they did yet another scan to reveal that now BOTH my ovaries were ridden in cysts.

Time of diagnosis

That day I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which is an androgen based hormone dysfunction, and on top of my cysts I have insulin resistance which means my body does not absorb and use sugar properly which explains the gut. At this point in my life that diagnosis crushed me. If  anyone has known me longer than 2 seconds you know my ridiculous yearning to me a mother, that’s all I want out of life is to have babies and to be a momma. So when they threw out PCOS my first instinct is to start the Google machine. And of course the more I read the more I was informed of the nature of the syndrome and the difficulty of conception with cystic ovaries. So to Pinterest I went to find help on treating my symptoms and finding testimonies on how to boost your fertility with insulin resistant PCOS and the number one was change your diet and lose weight. You would have thought with something so simple that I would take that advice and turn my diet and lifestyle around WRONG. I became mad! I took the medication hopeing it alone would help, and I forgot all about the clean eating advice I had received. When I was diagnosed I weighed in at 193 lbs. by the next year when I went in for my check up I had ate my way to 220 lbs. and that day a chord was struck inside of me. 

At my heaviest

At the time I was super into watching YouTube videos and I found this lifestyle vlogger from Australia that had turned her PCOS around with diet alone. So I became infatuated with her channel and the longer I watched the more I was intrigued by her lifestyle and how she took her diagnosis by the horns and fought it. I tried all sorts of diets and changes to my eating habits, I tried the “bro science” approach I tried carb cycling, low car, high fat, and they all would work for like 2 weeks. They would work long enough to shock my system and then I would gain the weight right back. That’s when I found Paleo and I became obsessed. For those who do not know what paleo is it is a primitive approach to eating, you can eat what a cave man would have ate. Essentially why the diet worked so well for my body is I cut out all processed sugars, fats, and essentially all carb (other than vegetables and fruit). My body responded so well to whole food eating and eating clean, the weight started to melt right off and I wasn’t implementing in exercise other than my daily running around. My energy levels spiked, I was staying fuller longer and was less bloated and puffy. The best part of Paleo is that I really enjoyed learning how to use new foods in my everyday life and it was also exciting watching my new body take form. I lost almost 20 pounds within 90 days.

Where I’m at now

All this time I had been searching for an easy fix and falling for yoyo diets and really all my body needed was whole food with little to no processed sugars. I have had a total change to my hair and skin and nails overall my body is so happy with the food that I am giving it. I totally understand the term you are what you eat, because when I fed my body food to thrive that’s what it did. I am now at 21 a smaller pant size than I was at 15 when I started dating my husband. Paleo isn’t just a diet its a lifestyle change and its a change that trust me will rock your world! Here are a few links if you are interested in looking into the paleo process.



Click below for my favorite Paleo beginner links







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