How my high school boyfriend turned life long partner in crime…

15, I was 15 a sophomore in high school the first time Dylan talked to me. I was standing at my locker getting ready for my next class and I remember an extremely tall and lanky Dylan coming over and hanging on my locker door, “Hey girl” is all he said. It’s crazy how your mind archives times like that, as I am typing this I can almost smell the hall and hear Mr. Starzel and Deegan having a moment, and as all those sounds and smells come back I can remember the exact way Dylan sounded and the goofy little smirk he gave me when I told him to fuck off. Yes you read that correctly, from 8th grade to sophomore year me and Dylan Engelsman despised each other. He dated my friends I dated his and if my 21 year old self would tell 15 year old me you will fall hopelessly in love with this man I would have laughed. To this day neither one of us remembers why but one night I texted an unknown number on my phone that ended up being Dylan. And that’s how it all started, A Text Message. It was December and by spring break we already knew we were meant for each other. People always are blown away by the fact that my first real boyfriend was my last boyfriend. There was very few people who believed that we would make it and it is quite entertaining to run into those people around town and watch their faces when they see us, and we get all the time “you guys are still together”  yes I was extremely lucky to waltz into a high school relationship and make it last.

Now with that being said falling in love with Dylan was the easiest thing I have ever done. This man was made for me, and I wish I could write a “10 ways to find your husband in high school” blog but I can’t. God put this man into my life for a reason and it is because we complete each other, at 16-17 years old we knew we wanted to be married and have cows and love each other for the rest of our lives. At this point you are probably rolling your eyes and questioning how two 16 year old kids knew they wanted to spend eternity together, and to that I answer I have really no idea either! I have two 16 year old brothers and I look at them like they are still babies and I think back on how mature I felt and how put together I thought I was at that age, and when they talk about how much they like their girlfriends I catch myself questioning because they are only 16 and they have no concept of love. I realize every day how lucky I am to find the love of my life at 15 but I do have a little advice on not necessarily how to find your husband in high school but how to nurture a relationship to last.dsc_8548.jpg

  1. The one thing that I cling to when I think back at our relationship over the past 6 years is that through all the good and the bad that there was ever a time that I was with Dylan where I couldn’t be myself. He accepted me for who I was, and didn’t try to make me who I wasn’t. I was 17 riding around in his nasty dodge pick up truck the first time I didn’t have a lick of makeup on, and I remember him looking over at me and telling me to never wear any makeup ever again. It caught me off guard at first and I was a little offended but as soon as I was going to tear into him on how dare he tell me not to wear make up he smirks and says ” cause babe you look beautiful with out it” I melted in that passenger seat. I had struggled for a long time with rosacea and my face was super uneven and splotchy red so I used layers of makeup to cover my insecurity. In that moment that boy had erased years of insecurities. To this day you very rarely find me with makeup on.
  2. This is something I learned well into our relationship, but there was a time that where we almost called it quits and I remember telling my mom I can’t do life without him. My moms response still sticks with me everyday, she replied back         ” Caitlyn you can do it without him, you are a strong person you CAN do life without him the real question is do you want to?” I never wanted to do life without Dylan by my side.
  3. This is probably the one thing we have in our relationship that has made us last, it is we found manifested a friendship while falling in love. I believe that it is SO important to have an actual friendship with your significant other. It is very hard for me to keep anything a secret or try to surprise Dylan because I get so excited that I just end up blurting everything out. He is my very best friend, yes he is my husband but there have been times when we have been having a couples quarrel and I just have to call him and tell him the latest gossip or news that I have gotten. I believe full heartedly that what makes our relationship so special is that we genuinely are each others very best friends.

These 3 little tid bits are just the tip of the iceberg and I could continue on for days about what it is that makes us, us, but maybe this will be all for now.  The biggest pieces of advice I can give is find your best friend, find someone who loves you for you, and never allow yourself to think you CAN’T live without someone and instead create the guideline with in your self that yes I can live without this person but is there an ounce of me that wants to wakeup without this person.



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  1. Wow! That brought tears to my eyes! I pray my girls marry their best friend too! What a wonderful thing to share with others about the love of your life. It’s sad, but it’s a rare thing these days, but gives me hope in our kids’ future. May you have many many many more years!!!


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