Peonies and Baldies


Some of you may have been curious to how I came up with my blog name. The blog name was the one thing I struggled with, I wanted it to be cute but have some relevance to my life and what I am about. So of course I take to Pinterest to help be generate THE blog name. You are setting a theme with your blog name, luring your audience in, and setting a standard. I could have used something like Mile High farm wife or Miss. Vergie’s chronicles, but the standard set is either a weed farmer’s wife or an old lady talking about her cats. So when it finally clicked it clicked for me, the sea parted and my blog name was written in the sand.





This is Otis, if you have ever been around me long enough to ask about my cows you know who Otis is. She is my favorite cow (yes I have favorites, don’t judge) she really is more like a big dog stuck in a cows body. She was born from one of my first heifers on our yard so I have had her since the moment she popped out. Otis is a black angus Hereford cross which means her mom was black and her dad was red with a white face, so Otis therefore is a black BALDIE. So the baldies in the name does not refer to my husband balding but is in response to my sometimes unhealthy obsession with my favorite cow Otis.

For Peonies this is a less known fact I am also slightly obsessed with peony flowerpeonys. I chose the wrong season (and budget point) for my wedding, because my big day would have been covered I mean every where you look peonies if I wanted to spend bookoo bucks for some flowers. So I went with second best and we found the most beautiful silk peonies for my bouquet. I mean what girl doesn’t like really pretty pink flowers! So now if you look at my blog page it might make more sense. My header is this most adorable picture of a black baldie, and my background is a collage of these beautiful peonies. So there you have it folks, my blog name, it pretty much sums me up in two words. Flowers and cows what else does a girl need in this world!



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