Humbling love…

If you have turned on any country station in the last 6 months you more than likely have heard the song by Tim McGraw Humble and Kind, if not it is a definite song that every human should hear at least once. In the song Tim talks about the importance of being humble and living for what you have and not forgetting where you came from. In the last month I have learned the true meaning of humble, growing up its a word used in songs and movies but do you really understand the word? According to Mr. Webster the word Humble means: not proud or haughty: not arrogant or assertive.

The growing support from not only our family and friends but also the community around us has been breath taking. My in-laws live 4 hours away in Kansas and we have received supporting words of love and courage from people we have never met. We have been apart of prayer chains at churches we don’t even know the names of, I knew that we were loved and we were apart of great communities but the overwhelming gestures from people has been ridiculous (in a good way). It has been humbling to both Dylan and myself to enjoy and receive the kind gestures through this, its was almost uncomfortable at first the amount of help people were wanting to lend. But looking back I can never repay the kind gestures and supportive words because to some they might have been words or just small gestures like dinner but to us those words gave us strength and the gestures took one more thing off our plates.

So this post is to our family and friends near and far, you guys have been the ground we have stood on for the last month, the encouraging words have built us up so when we fall we don’t fall far. The smallest gestures of just little texts here and there to say hey we are thinking of you is more than enough for us. You have taught two old dogs new tricks, be HUMBLE accept the help because the people that are reaching out and offering to lend a hand are not doing it out of obligation but are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.  So from the bottom of our hearts we thank every single person that has been there to lend a hand, I’m not sure I’llhumble ever be able to explain the importance of you guys to us. You have made this shitty situation a little less shitty and every gesture no matter how small is a grand gesture to us, because the warmth of the love and the strength in your guys words is what helps fuel us to continue to fight and BEAT THIS THING!



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